Writing about the Game of Golf


When writing about the game of golf there are lots of different avenues that you can explore. Golf is just so popular all around the world that you can write on any number of golfing issues and still not exhaust the subject.

The game of golf really does have a amazing history, it has risen from a purely Scottish game in the 1100’s to a game that is now played practically everywhere in the world. The appetite for the game of golf and anything that surrounds it is huge, and by tapping into this want for all things golf, you can create something with your writing that has the potential of being read by many.

There are any number of different subject matters that you could focus on when writing about golf, from the history of this great game to the modern day professional touring schedule and competitions. Golf is quite unique among sports in that it is both a spectator and a participator sport for so many people. Thinking about this division can give you many alternatives when researching for your golf articles.

If you are going to focus on the professional aspect of the game, you need to be knowledgeable about the current stars of the professional tour. Who is it that gets peoples attention? Who are the most important golfing stars of the day? You will also need to keep up to date with the world rankings and the dates of the many different championship events that are going on. If you truly have a passion for the game, then writing about the professional golf circuit may seem like a dream job to you.

The other option you could take when writing about golf is to start writing for the everyday player of the sport. Millions of people play golf and a lot of them would be interested in reading an informative piece written about their favourite sport. You could write tips and hints on how best to maximise their golf swing. You could write maintenance tips for their Wedges, information on how to get a deal at their local [2989], the list really is endless.

It is probably best to specialise in one particular field of golf when you start writing about it, as like I said, the field is very big and can be daunting to beginners. Many golfers consider themselves to be fairly knowledgeable on their sport, and the truth is that many of them are. In order to offer them something worthwhile you will need to do your research and talk to some experts in the field before you start writing.

Writing about the game of golf can be truly rewarding, especially if you have knowledge or a passion for the game. If you can keep up to date with all of the latest gossip on the professional circuit, or all of the newest equipment on the market place, you may just be able to make your mark on what is a very lucrative writing field.