Recharging Mental Batteries at Cologne Hotel


Sometimes, it can be difficult to relax in one’s own home. At times, it’s best to just get away from it all if you can afford it – to offer yourself a change of scenery. It could end up doing the mind the world of good and there is plenty to choose from whether you decide to stay in a log cabin in Scotland or one of the many [17808], you are sure to have a good time.

There are a couple of things one could do to get away from it all. First, maybe there’s a really good friend who lives out of town (if they’re kind enough to accommodate your proposed visit). Perhaps, they live close enough for a couple of hours’ journey at the most, but far enough for it to feel as if you’re somewhere definitely different from the every day.

Alternatively, you could spend some quality time just by yourself by checking into a hotel – a place where somebody else is at your service for a change – attending to your every whim. An idea might be to visit a hotel in Cologne, for instance (for which there are several). Why not scour the internet and make a list of a couple of really nice hotels you wouldn’t mind staying at for a few days – a notable one might be Hotel Cologne (hotel köln) or consul hotels ( Better yet, book a whole week if your wallet can afford it and if your workplace will allow you that much time off. If your boss is being a bit hesitant, convince them that they’ll get a lot more out of you productivity-wise if you went away and came back all nice and recharged.

Choose a hotel with the best and widest range of facilities on offer for the amount you can afford. A hotel with a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool and sauna would be nice for a start – and maybe one that offers a range of services such as pedicures, manicures, and massage treatments. Do they have entertainment and if so, what will be on while you’re there? They may even have karaoke nights! Some people think karaoke is tacky, but anything that’s fun and borders on silly is a great way to relax the mind.

Sleep in late. Force yourself to lie in bed for as a few extra hours even if your body feels it should be at work. This is another reason why it might be better to book a week, rather than a few days as it’ll give your body the time to get the message that it’s play-time now.

Bring that book with you that you’ve been meaning to read for the past couple of months. Order room service. Cosy up in bed and read away everyday for an hour or two while nibbling on whatever it is you’ve ordered.

Don’t think about work. Don’t check your emails and if so, limit it to 10 minutes a day. Leave your mobile phone switched off for as long as you can, switching it on no more than twice a day to check for any messages. The point is your body and your mind need to disconnect from work as much as possible – the more it disconnects, the more you can reconnect with yourself and get the mental break you deserve.